Bury Wildlife


Common Striped Woodlouse - Philoscia muscorum Upto 11 mm long. Brownish in colour and mottled with pale patches and a black head but with a dark stripe along the back. It has a characteristic 'stepped' outline where the pereon changes to the pleon and is fast.


Common Pygmy Woodlouse - Trichoniscus pusillus agg Very common under stones small red. Can reproduce by giving birth to clones. In reality two species which need careful study to seperate.


orcellio spinicornis  Can grow to about 12 mm long. It has a black head, black eyes, and a dark central stripe with a row of yellow blotches down either side. Very common.


Common Shiny Woodlouse - Oniscus asellus Feeds on dead organic matter, which it detects by means of taste and smell. Likes wet areas as well a dry. Found in leaf litter and under bark. Up ro 16 mm long. common,