Bury Wildlife

Curculionoidea Weevils

Sitona cambricus feeds on birdfoot trefoil. Many similar species.

Sitona puncticollis Common but with several similar species so difficult to be certain

Sitona striatellus Pea Weevil can be a pest but with many similar species.

Sitona lineatus Pea Leaf Weavil This brown weevil has indistinct darker longitudinal stripes. Unlike many weevils, it has a very short, almost squared off rostrum . Almost any habitat, in winter retreating into grass tussocks, under loose bark or amongst fallen leaves. Often feeds on clover Common.

Phyllobius roboretanus Small size 5mm found on nettle, anntena on top of snout and no notch on femor.

Phyllobius (Metaphyllobius) pomaceus 10mm found on netlle metalic tinge althugh this is an older specimen . Antenna on snout notch on femor.

Phyllobius virideaeris Antenna from top of snout notch on femor and green colour mark the common nrttle weevil

Phyllobius (Phyllobius) pyri i04/06/2012B


Protapion poss apricans outwood 23/03/12

Anthonomus ulmi Common in UK but very tentative ID

Dorytomus taeniatus A small weevil with a mottled dark and light brown appearance. Develop in willow catkins, completing their development in the fallen catkins and pupating on the ground. common.

Dorytomus dejeani dejeani are usually only found on Populous tremula (Aspen) in the UK

Exapion ulicis  gorse seed weavil founf feb 2012 on gorse railway elton

Hypera (Hypera) postica 

Magdalis armigera fairly common but similar species

Nedyus quadrimaculatus Another tiny (3mm) weevil, which is commonly found on or around Nettles. Two white spots on the elytra, are just about the only distinguishing feature of this species.

Notaris acridulus ainsworth feeds on reed sweet grass found under a rock near water cocky moor  03/03/12

otiorhynchus singularis weevil  clay brown weevil about 8 mm long. These weevils feed on shrubs such as Rhododendrons and Raspberry and can be a pest of Raspberry fruit farmers.

Orchestes quercus Flea Weavil so called as it has huge back legs to jump to safety found in oak its preffered plant distinctly coloured electra not recorded in GMB before nearest record stoke via NBN. Seems mainly a south or midland species but significant records cumbria. so a nice find. Almost certainly overlooked. Found Lowercroft Middle dam Ainsworth. Found on Oak Lowercroft ainsworth Jan 2012

Polydrusus  Antenna comming from side of snout marlk this as this genus with everal species green id is difficult further without minute ID.