Bury Wildlife

Water Beetles

Ilybius ater. They occur in all stagnant freshwater. Eggs are laid within stems of aquatic plants. Adults hibernate out of water among damp moss . Common  so representastive picture


Noterus clavicornis difficult to identify so tentative but a common  so representastive picture


Hydroporus angustatusand Haliplus flavicollis tentative if common so representastive picture


Haliplus flavicollis

Nebrioporus (Nebrioporus) depressus or elegans. A beetle that like fast flowing hard bottom water bodies very similar but o basis of distribution Elgans.


Great Diving Beetle - Dytiscus marginalis One of our largest beetles, this species has a dark, olive-brown, almond-shaped oval body, about three centimetres long, with the thorax bordered by dull yellow.  The wing cases of the female are ribbed whilst those of the male are smooth. These beetles live in fresh water, either still or slow-running, and seem to prefer water with vegetation. predatory large and common.


Haliplus  ruficollis very common if difficult to id very tentative so representastive picture


Gyrinus substriatus More commonly known as the Whirligig Beetle, Gyrinus substriatus is one of three such species in the UK. It is also the commonest.. The beetles can go underwater, but spend most of their time on the surface, where they feed on small insects that fall onto the water. They can also seee umder and over watera t same time.