Bury Wildlife

Violet Family (Violaceae)

Agrostemma githago Corncockle22/06/2013B Often part of seed mixes on wate land pioneer or field flower. This seen Prestwich.

Lychnis flos-cuculi Ragged-Robin22/06/2013B likmes wet marshy areas. This seen Prestwich

Saponaria officinalis Soapwort17/08/2013B reported you ca use it to help clean. This was found Summeseat station bridge.

Spergula arvensis Corn Spurrey13/09/2013 Openand weed common.

Stellaria graminea Lesser Stitchwort02/06/2013B Damp grassland fairly common.

Stellaria media Common Chickweed04/06/2012B weed .

Silene dioica Red Campion21/04/2013B likes wood very common.

Silene latifolia White Campion15/07/2012B Not usual like its red brother. These were found in Prestwich.

Silene vulgaris Bladder Campion03/08/2013S ofen  found near railway ballast. Thius found on the Canal where it was reported 100 years ago.

Scleranthus annuus Annual Knawel02/06/2010B common weed.

Cerastium fontanum (Common Mouse-ear) common

Stellaria media (Chickweed) * common

tellaria nemorum Wood Stitchwort. 01.04.13 S

Stellaria uliginosa (Bog Stitchwort)

Myosoton aquaticum water chickweed 29/08/14 Wigan

Viola arvensis Field Pansy20/07/2013W  often found in arable fields around GM and almost certainly Bury. Thuis one is from wigan.

Viola palustris Marsh Violet15/05/2010B Quite hard to find hidden in marshy places. Seen in Bury in the Holcombe and Cheesden Valleys.

Viola riviniana Common Dog-Violet02/06/2013B Very common though not in large number ioften in woodland.

Viola Tricolour Wild Pansy  30/05/10 B This coold have been scattered as a wild flower mix or brought in on shell ballast found in Prestwich.

Viola lutea, also known as the mountain pansy found by Buxton in the v1840s around Stalybridge but rare even then now one of Manchesters lost plants. This was from Millers Dale Aug 2012

Campion Family (Caryophyllaceae)

Cannabaceae Hemp Family.

Hop - Humulus lupulus 2013 B This was and is a monster of a climber rambling through a hedge in Ainsworth. Favoured of Kent and Beer has naturalised.

Purslane Family (Portulacaceae)

Montia Sibirica Pink Purslane 02/06/2013B an escapee natural home North America. Likes damp places noit uncommon. In Bury found Cheesden Valley and River Irwell.

Montia fontana Blinks17/08/2013B Water loving plant found here at Holcombe same place as the Marsh Violet .

Goosefoot (Chenopodiaceae)

Atriplex patula Common Orache25/08/2011B common weed of open land

Atriplex prostrata Spear-Leaved Orache24/07/2011B simillar

Chenopodium album Fat-Hen18/08/2011B Similar but is grown for food in the modern era in parts of the world and eaten by vikings.


Mallow Family (Malvaaceae)

Malva moschata Musk-Mallow15/07/2012B Several locations in Bury this near Elton.

Malva sylvestris Common Mallow14/06/2010B found in East Bury and Prestwich om open ground can quickly be out competted over time.

Marsh-mallow Althaea officinalis .09.08.10 B This was found at Moses Gate Boltion.