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Staphylinidae Rove Beetles

Rove Beetles are impossible to ID without minute examination in most cases.


Devil's Coach Horse - Ocypus olens is one exception. This beetle is found in damp conditions in most natural environments including: woodland, hedgerows, parks and gardens, where it relies on decaying natural matter. Ca fly with small wings. Predatory and strikes a scorpion pose when threatened.


Stenus juno Characterised by having a central keel at the base of the abdominal tergites. Males have strongly thickened hind femora but simple, spurless tibiae



Atrecus affinis - Rove Beetle found under bark dip where it inhabits not reported in GM before but common


Gyrohypnus angustatus found under bark on fallen log its prefferred habitat reported as fairly common d woods end of knowsley Rd Ainsworth


Philonthus Genus ainsworth found woods ainswoth mar 2012


Atrecus affinis woods ainsworth mar 2012


Othius punctulatus woods ainsworth mar 2012


Tachinus rufipes found elton 12/03/12


Stenus Genus founf doffer fold elton


Tachyporus poss solutus greenmount 22/03/12 3mm

Some unidentified specimens