Bury Wildlife

Other Beetles

Pollen Beetle - Meligethes aeneus Pollen Beetle

This is a small black beetle with a metallic brassy or blue-green sheen. There are several very similar pollen beetles but Meligethes aeneus is the most common. On most flowers especially yellow ones like dandelion. Common.


Varied Carpet Beetle - Anthrenus verbasci Larder Beetle

This small but colourful beetle can be a serious household pest. Adults are 2 to 3 mm long and have a mottled pattern of pale beige and darker blackish markings, although both patterning and range of colours vary. Feeds on flowers. Common


Oedemera lurida False Blister Beetle

Length 5 to 8 mm. A generally long and slender species, which is a greyish sage green in colour. It often leaves its elytra  agape. Active in bright sunshine in open habitats with plenty of wild flowers such as Hawthorn and umbellifers, where they feed on pollen and nectar. Common


Mordellochroa abdominalis  Tumbling Flower Beetle

the Mordellidae seem not reported in GMC  found on the flowers of Cow Parsley, growing along railway. Small.


Anaspis maculata Tumbling Flower Beetle

This is one of the many 'Tumbling Flower Beetles' (Coleoptera: Mordellidae) and is a small, elongate beetle which is usually yellowish-brown with variable black markings. Adults occur in very large numbers on open structured flowers such as Hawthorn or Elder blossom, Hogweed and Daisy flowers. When disturbed they drop en masse .


Lagria hirta Darkling Beetle

This beetle has conspicuous yellow-brown wing cases with a darker head. The whole animal is conspicuously bristly. The adults feed on nectar and pollen on open-structured flowers such as Daisies or members of the Carrot family. Likes sandy soils. found in Bury


Common Malachite Beetle - Malachius bipustulatus The adult beetle is a predator and is found mainly on vegetation, where it hunts on flowers and amongst grasses. eported as common. This was found in Wythenshawe Park 2014W