Bury Wildlife


All very tentative


Candelaria concolor


lepraria incana In shaded places on acid rocks, walls and tree-trunks, widespread and evidently common


Xanthoria polycarpa Widespread especially on small twigs where it forms clusters becoming common as an indicator of nitrogen deposition


Parmelina Tiliacea


Evernia prunastri Oak Moss on twigs all year round common.


Marchantia polymorpha  Mountain Star-headed Common. Liverworts are some o the simplest plant this is common in Bury

Great Scented Liverwort - Conocephalum conicum Forms large extensive mats. The flat, leathery thalli are dark green in colour, strongly aromatic and dichotomously branching, Its air pores are more conspicuous than the lines. 30.08.14 wigan