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Kirklees Valley Tottington

Kirklees Valley is a Site of Biological Importance (SBI) and the 5th Local Nature Reserve in 2010 located between Brandlesholme Road and the Tottington Road



he site has a long industrial past and this exerts an influence on the appearance of the valley today.  Tottington Mill Printworks was founded in the north, near Tower Farm and produced calico printing employing over 400 people in 1841. Further down the valley, was the site of Kirklees Bleachworks. The last has substantial remains of stone bleaching troughs and impressive water management systems. Transecting the site is the line of the Helmshore Railway built by the East Lancashire Railway 1844-1859 and includesr the Tottington Viaduct. In July 1922 timetable shows that 17 northbound and 18 southbound passenger trains stopped at Helmshore each weekday



The site is along the track of the old railway and in the industrial sites adjacent with wood and heathand present.Woodland bird species are well represented including Jay, Wren, Nuthatch and Blackbird.  Warblers like Blackcap arrive in summer visitor, along with Whitethroat and Chiffchaff. Dipper and Kingfisher are also seen along the Kirklees Brook. Amphibian species are well represented including Smooth, Palmate and Great Crested Newts. Woodland is made up of Oak, Birch, Sycamore, Ash, Alder, Crack Willow, Wych Elm HJorse Chestnut and Beech. Plants include Pondwater Crowfoot, Opposite Leaved  Golden Saxifrage, Ling and Bilbery.