Bury Wildlife

The Wildlife of Bury Lancashire.


The aim of the site is to promote the wildlife of Bury of Greater Manchester or Lancashire. Famous for black puddings and Robert Peel. The town is on the outskirts of the Manchester conurbation. Much of the Borough is urban and comprises the towns of Bury, Radcliffe, Ainsworth, Wallshaw, Tottington, Ramsbottom, Whitefield and Prestwich. Despite this for wildlife Bury has lots to offer .


The rivers Irwell and Roch transect the borough and provides extensive habitat along its length. The Bury Bolton Canal also stretches from Bury to Bolton and although no longer navigable still holds water and is a haven for wildlife. The nearby  Elton Reservoir is also of county importance for the sighting of birdlife. In the north of the Borough moor land habitat exists around the Peel Tower.


Bury MBC provides, maintain, promotes, and safeguards sites of biological importance, parks and Tfour local nature reserves in Philips Park, Chesham, Hollins Vale and Redisher Wood, near Holcombe.


The site will endeavour to location of note in Bury for Wildlife and observations of these sites. Recent sighting in Bury include Water Spider, Roe Deer, Wall Brown Butterfly, Sea Mayweed, Marsh Helleborine, 8 species of Ladybird and several species of tern.

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Close up of a female sparowhawk 29.08.14