Bury Wildlife

Hollins Vale and Pilsworth

Hollins Vale

Hollins Vale LNR is made up of grazing land, Hollins Brook, Hollins Plantation woodland  old and new. Significant to the area is the canal-like lodge, "The Cut", which is part of the Hollins Vale SBI. This was originally built to supply Hollins Vale Works with water.


Woodland called Hollins Plantation was planted 120 years ago but holds Wood Speedwell, Wood Anemone Bluebells and Lesser Celandines idicative of old woodland. The Cut, managed by Unsworth Anglers, teems with Dragonflies like Four Spotted Chaser and Blue Tailed Damson Flys s in the summer. It is also a major breeding site for Common frog and Toad. The richest area occurs is where water springs form so called  "flushes." Here Marsh Marigold, Marsh Violet, Marsh Valerian and Meadowsweet grow. The flatter areas of the upper fields, known as  the Coffin Fields harbour grassland plants such as Bird's Foot trefoil, Devil's Bit Scabious, Pignut and Harebell.


There have been losses and gains in wildlife here since urnanisation and the M66 arrived as Skylark, Lapwing  Hares  have  disappeared and Wall Brown and Small Copper butterflies are now very rare. In contrast several species of butterflies have moved in with  Small Skippers, Speckled Wood, Common Blue, Holly Ble and Brimstone. are now present.


On the other side of the M66 is Pilsworth dominated by the huge landfill site which is strictly  private. Lanes paths and bridges conect this area with Simister. Mainly arable fields these harbour such things as Rook, Curlew and the Fox as above. Further lodges are a private fishery which are visited by Tufted Duck and Great Crested Grebe. Summer visitors inclufde Sand Martin, Chiffchaff and Whitethroat.