Bury Wildlife

Holcombe Valley and Ramsbottom

This is a long valley south of Holcombe Hill and Peel Tower. In its lower reaches is the ancient woodland of Reddisher Woods Local Nature Reserves and higher up unimproved farmland occupied by the Rifle Range. Moors surround the valley. Despite its remote location human activity has changed the valley with three mills in Reddisher Woods damming and culverting the brook and extensive clay extraction. Moor Bottom Road and the higher valley has the remains of extensive farmstead and ridge and furrow field systems. Many of these in the Victorian times were small concerns. Typically In 1851 Taylors Tenement was occupied by John Seddon Age 66 Hand loom weaver and born in Bury. These were all abandoned when the area became the rifle range as it is today.


In wildlife terms this valley is rich. BUllheads and Stone Loach swim in the brook and are a good indicater of clean water. Green Hairstreak and Small Heath butteflies can be found in the higher valley. In the woods southern marsh orchid, valerian, wood anemone and bluebells abound. Higher up on the moor Marsh Violet, Water Binks, and Pond Water Crow Foot present. Bird life is diverse with Green Woodpecker, Nuthatch, Wheatear, Sky Lark, Curlews and Stonechats all present.