Bury Wildlife

Geranium Family (Geraniaceae)

Erodium cicutarium Common Stork's-Bill04/06/2012B found on the shell ballast Prestwich but also adhoc

Geranium dissectum Cut-Leaved Crane's-Bill10/06/2012B pops up on waste land all over this from prestwich.

Geranium endressii French Crane's-Bill08/05/2011B Many of these are Gadenescapes as at elton

Geranium lucidum Shining Crane's-Bill13/05/2012B this was found in a stream Birtle

Geranium molle Dove's-Foot Crane's-Bill29/04/2011B found at Elton

Geranium phaeum Dusky Crane's-Bill30/06/2013Bn Poss Garden escape

Geranium pratense meadow Crane's-Bill04/06/2012B often in wild seed mixes found at Prestwich

Small-flowered Cranesbill. Geranium pusillum a fsirly common weed of waste land around Bury

Geranium pyrenaicum Hedgerow Crane's-Bill19/05/2011B found Elton

Geranium robertianum Herb-Robert21/04/2013B also called stinking Robert common weed.

Geranium sanguineum Bloody Crane's-Bill02/06/2010B found elton.

Geranium versicolor Pencilled Crane's-Bill06/05/2011B found elton Garden Escape.

Wood Sorrel Family (Oxalidaceae)

Oxalis acetosella Wood-Sorre l02/06/2013B fairly common in Bury along the Irewell to Burrs, Holcombe, Clifton Aqueduct, Mere Clough and Cheesden Valley.

Pea Family (Leguminoseae)

Anthyllis vulneraria Kidney Vetch04/06/2012B lime loving found on shell ballast Prestwich.

Genista anglica Petty Whin20/07/2013W Rare in GM from Wigan mosses Buxton in 1840 had it in other areas since lost at these.

Cytisus scoparius Broon 22/06/2013B Common in Bury around Elton and other waste areas

Galega officinalis, goat's rue a weed of wasteland not common.

Lupinus polyphyllus lupin 19/06/2011B Common popps up anywhere in Bury.

Lathyrus latifolius Broad-Leaved Everlasting-Pea26/08/2013W  Found on Wigan Flashes lime loving often seen at Sefton.

Lathyrus nissolia Grass Vetchling10/05/2011B Infrequent in Bury

Lathyrus pratensis Meadow Vetchling22/06/2013B Common Bury

Lathyrus sylvestris Narrow-Leaved Everlasting-Pea15/07/2012B Surprise find around Elton more often seen on the Crosby Coast rare in GM.

Lathyrus linifolius Bitter Vetch Widespread but not really common in Britain . this on the Wigan Flashes.

Lotus corniculatus Common Bird's-Foot-Trefoil01/06/2013B Common in Bury.

Lotus pedunculatus Greater Bird's-foot-trefoil17/08/2013T Fairly Common n Bury.

Medicago lupulina Black Medick01/06/2013B Common on all waste grounds.

Medicago sativa . Saliva Lucerne01/08/2013B Surprise find at Pilsworth.

Melilotus albus White Melilot27/07/2011B Surprise find at Elton and Prestwich single plants.

Melilotus officinalis Ribbed Melilot 22/06/2013B Common in Bury.

Melilotus altissimus tall melilot didsbury Very similar to Ribbed Melilot flower are different on close examination and seeds are different shape with hairs. Overlooked

Ononis repens Common Restharrow31/08/2013W Found in Wigan near a Railway line more common on coasts on lime ballast.

Onobrychis viciifolia (Sainfoin) 2010 B Surprise find in Prestwich shell ballast could be part of a wild flower mix.

Trifolium campestre Hop Trefoil21/08/2012B Pops up around Bury.

Trifolium hybridum Alsike Clover20/07/2013B Found around Elton not common

Trifolium medium Zigzag Clover22/06/2013B Found around Elton not common zig zag on leaf.

Trifolium pratense Red Clover21/04/2013B Common.

Trifolium repens White Clover24/06/2012B Common.

Trifolium arvense hare's-foot clover 2011 B Rare find Prestwich

Ulex europaeus Gorse21/04/2013B Common flowers all year

Ulex gallii Western Gorse20/07/2013W Rare and declining thisfrom Wigan Mosses.

Vicia cracca Tufted Vetch22/06/2013B common.

Vicia hirsuta Hairy Tare15/07/2012B found Elton.

Vicia sativa Common Vetch01/06/2013B common

Vicia sepium Bush Vetch01/06/2013B common

Vicia sylvatica Wood Vetch17/08/2013T Rare in GM found in Tameside one site  

Vicia tetrasperma Smooth Tare22/06/2013B Nice find at Elton