Bury Wildlife

Dock Family (Polygonaceae)

Fallopia japonica Japanese Knotweed22/06/2013B invasive pest that require specialist contractors to remove it. It smothers other plants sadly common in Bury.

Persicaria amphibia Amphibious Bistort04/08/2012B Water based pklant common in Bury

Persicaria bistorta Common Bistort22/06/2013B Common

Persicaria hydropiper Water-Pepper06/09/2011B Fairly common in Bury

Persicaria maculosa Redshank25/07/2013M weed of wasteland common.

Rumex acetosa Common Sorrel21/04/2013B Common on farm land.

Rumex acetosella Sheep's Sorrel03/07/2010B Common on farmland.

Rumex conglomeratus Clustered Dock july 2009 B common

Rumex crispus Curled Dock22/06/2013B common

Rumex hydrolapathum Water Dock05/08/2013M These were seen in Hyde and are common on Canals in this area, not seen in bury.

Rumex obtusifoliu sBroad-Leaved Dock21/04/2013B common.

Rumex sanguineus Wood Dock10/08/2013M Not frequent plant in woodland

Tafolen felen Golden Dock 19.08.10 T imnfrequent plant this was seen on the Bridgewater canal.


Heath Family (Ericaceae) & Birdsnest Family (Monotropaceae)


Vaccinium myrtillus Bilberry12.08.2012B very common on moor land in bury.

Calluna vulgaris Heather01/08/2010B the commonist heather and in bury

Erica cinerea Bell Heather20/07/2009Bn  This is from Moses Gate

Darley Dale Heath (Erica erigena x carnea = E. x darleyensis) B Thus is a Garden escapee doing nicelly on Sailer Brow Radcliffe

Cross Leaved Heath  Erica tetralix W Aug 2010 Thus is from Wigan and is not common

Monotropa hyp opitys Yellow Bird's-Nest06/08/2013B  Rare parasitic plant  often under wWillow rare and in Bury

Primrose Family (Primulaceae)

Anagallis arvensis Scarlet Pimpernel21/08/2012B a spasmodic weed. These were found in a Carpark off wellington street Bury. Not common in GMC.

Hottonia palustris Water-Violet30/06/2013Bn These are reported to be in Radcliffe but were not found on a recent search. These are from Moses Gate. Not frequent.

Lysimachia nemorum Yellow Pimpernel02/06/2013B. An ancient woodland indicator these are found in Mere Clough Prestwich.

Lysimachia nummularia Creeping-Jenny15/07/2012B Often a garden escapee these were found around Elton.

Primula veris Cowslip02/06/2010Bn A British Native these are found around Bury in Radcliffe and Near Burrs.

Polyanthus 'Crescendo Pink and Rose Shades' Elton 2011 These were a garden escapee. Bred from the Primrose family nany such varities are found in wasteland. These near Elton.

Primula vulgaris Primrose21/04/2013B

Lysimachia punctata Dotted Loosestrife22/06/2013B These again are a garden escapee but flourish around Bury.

Lysimachia thyrsiflora Tufted Loosestrife24/05/2011B These like damp habitats and were found in Radclife.

Lysimachia vulgaris Yellow Loosestrife19/06/2011B These are a native and are often found near water like these in the Bury Canal.

Cyclamen persicum, the Persian cyclame ainswort garden escapee

Gentian Family (Gentianaceae)

Centaurium erythraea Common Centaury22/06/2013B Can be found in Drinkwater  Park, Outwood and around Elton.

Blackstonia perfoliata Yellow-Wort09/07/2013M Rare in Gm these were found along the Bridgwater Canal.

Gentiana pneumonanthe Marsh Gentian20/07/2013W Very Rare in the Northwest. Found in one site in GMC and would have been common before agricultoral improvements and draining of mosses where theyt are found. Very threatended still by that drying out of the area where they are found. Under threat and with little effort from anyone to seek to ensure they survive. Probably GM rarest plant and may soon be extinct in GM.

Gentianella amarella Autumn Gentian30/06/2013Bn Another vary threatended plant in GM though also found on the Formby Coast. Found in two sites in GMC. They survive despite motorbikes and industrial plant driving over them. Another plant that might become extinct in GM.