Bury Wildlife

Cabbage Family (Cruciferae)

Cabbage Family (Cruciferae)

Brassica napus Rape26/04/2011B common

Sinapis arvensis Charlock28/08/2011B  seen as a weed

Sisymbrium officinale Hedge Mustard22/06/2013B similar to above

Arabidopsis thaliana Thale Cress25/08/2011B similar to above

Arabis hirsuta Hairy Rock Cress Moses Gate 24/05/10 Bn uncommon from Moses Gate

Capsella bursa-pastoris Shepherd's-Purse24/05/2011B common

Cardamine flexuosa Great Bitter-Cress 30/06/2013B from Mere Clough

Cardamine hirsuta Hairy Bitter-Cress22/06/2013B common

Rorippa nasturtium-aquaticum agg.Water Cress30/06/2013B likes water  common

Cochlearia officinalis Common Scurvygrass31/08/2013W not comoon on bury this is from Wigan

Cochlearia danica, or Danish Scurvy-grass April 2014 b brought overon truck wheels common around M62 and related roads from Bury salt loving plant from the seaside and flourishes where roads are salted.

Diplotaxis tenuifolia Wall-Rocket24/05/2011B

Alliaria petiolata Garlic Mustard 04/06/2012B spring flowering

Lunaria annua Honesty22/06/2013B garden escapee

Hesperis matronalis Dame's-Violet01/06/2013B common on river banks

Cardamine pratensis Cuckooflower02/06/2013B early spring flower of damp meadows

Raphanus raphanistrum subsp. maritimus Sea Raddish sea plant brought in on shell ballast at Prestwich

Raphanus raphanistrum Wild Radish22/06/2013B

Cakile maritima Sea Rocket21/06/2010B  sea plant brought in on shell ballast at Prestwich

Apium nodiflorum, Fool's-water-cress is a flowering plant found in ditches or streams and native to western Europe. It is a low-growing or prostrate perennial with pinnate leaves which have a vague resemblance to those of watercress

Mignonette Family (Resedaceae)

Reseda lutea Wild Mignonette 26/08/2013W These like barren areas not seen in Bury these were growing on ballast in wigan

Reseda luteola Weld 21/06/2010B These were taken at Cadishead but in Bury grow around Prestwich and any places where there is stoney waste land until this is grown over.

Flax Family (Linaceae)

Linum bienne Pale Flax12/06/2011B  This was found on Elton Dam one year only as a blow in or brought in by birds.

Linum catharticum Fairy Flax22/06/2013B This lime loving plant grows at one very threatened site in Bury along with other plants that make the site the most unique in Bury.


Balsam Family (Balsaminaceae)

Impatiens capensis Orange Balsam03/08/2013M spreading via the canals and pleasure boats from down south. These are found on the ashton and Peak Forest Canals. Not as agressive as its cousin.

Impatiens glandulifera Indian Balsam15/07/2012B Invasive weed can grow incredible speed and spreads to cover huge areas to block out light. Almost impossible to erradicate due to the ability to spread although indiviadual plants are easy to pull up. Threatens many important sites in Bury and beyond.

St Johnwort Family (Hypericaceae)

Hypericum androsaemumTutsan21/04/2013B Often garden escapee

Hypericum perforatum Perforate St John's-wort20/07/2013N used by herbaliststo treat deprtession .

Hypericum tetrapterum Square-Stalked St. John's-Wort09/07/2011 B ID by the ridges on the square stalk


Fallopia baldschuanica, aka Russian vine, barton vicious invasive weed.

Fallopia japonica  - Japanese Knotweed note flat base of leaf.

Fallopia sachalinensis- Giant Knotweed besides being bigger with more pointed leaf the base of the leaf in completely different to its smaller  cousin being more indented.

Fallopia x bohemica  Hybrid Knotweed This is a hybrid between the other two and classic feature is heart shaped leave with slightly indented base and hairs on underneath. Very invasive compared to other twio. All found wigan