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This is just a record of some Bury Field Tripsand a few of the finds. In particualr Mere Clough will feature high  as the year progresses to see how this site has fared since the visits of the Victorian Pioneer Botanists 1849 1859.

The Royton Hoopoe

By Bury Wildlife, Apr 26 2015 10:07PM

News filtered through today of a migrant from south Europe prunning its feathers in a garden in Royton. The Hoopoe is a cross between a Jay and a Parrot to look at due to a crest of feathers on its head. In Ancient Egypt they were seen as sacred. They are visitors to the South of the UK when migrating birds over shoot, s this one is way north. They feed on insects and can eat frogs and even lizards in its usual haunt. A lot of twitchers arrived hoping for view to the curiosity of locals.This shot was taken when it popped up into the tree.

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