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This is just a record of some Bury Field Tripsand a few of the finds. In particualr Mere Clough will feature high  as the year progresses to see how this site has fared since the visits of the Victorian Pioneer Botanists 1849 1859.

Spring in Bury

By Bury Wildlife, Apr 23 2015 07:16AM

Another day in the Holcombe Valley produced more of Yesterday with another bunch of the Ring Ouzels. There was also the addition of a Buzzard, Lesser Redpolls and a Goldcrest. This is also Bury best site for the Green Hairstreak butterfly. These are a moorland species that fly at this time of year and are associated with Bilberry. They are Emerald Green and 12 were found yesterday in the Spring sun. Not to be outdone Elton Reservoir had reports of several little Gulls. Thse look like a black headed gull but the black head is fuller. They bread in Northern and Eastern Europe so these are migrants. There was also my first Sedge Warbler of the year at this site with it unmistakeble song that sounds like a car starting up. More striking was the appearance of a very odd looking insect or fly. At first sight it looks like a Bee which it mimics or perhaps a Hover Fly. It is neither and is in effect a true fly with a huge proboscis that it uses to feed on nectar. Totally harmless to us it lays its eggs in mining bee nests which it is a parasite of. This one seemed to be checking out mining bee nests to do just that. The picture is blurred as it is quite mobile. These fly in the spring like the bees it lis dependent on.

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