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This is just a record of some Bury Field Tripsand a few of the finds. In particualr Mere Clough will feature high  as the year progresses to see how this site has fared since the visits of the Victorian Pioneer Botanists 1849 1859.

Spring Migration

By Bury Wildlife, Apr 21 2015 07:31PM

A visit to the Holcombe valley produced probably the best date for birds this year if not many years. Species are still on the move and many found today are still passing through. Best find were at least eight Ring Ouzels. These are a Thrushf and marked like a blackbird with a white brest. Quite skitty they were difficult to photo as shown and are passing through. Other finds included Stonechat Wheatear, Curlew, Reed Bunting, skylark, Linnet, Willow Warbler, Green Woodpecker, Chiffchsaff, Meadow Pipit and another one passing through the Grasshopper Warbler. ID is best from the song with a rolling grasshopper sound as asong.

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