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This is just a record of some Bury Field Tripsand a few of the finds. In particualr Mere Clough will feature high  as the year progresses to see how this site has fared since the visits of the Victorian Pioneer Botanists 1849 1859.

Spring Bugs

By Bury Wildlife, May 20 2015 10:25PM

The season continues and bugs are not every ones cup of tea but these are acouple of stonkers. These were found on Mosses. The first is a ferocious looking stag beetle called Rhagium mordax . It looks fierce and is large but eats plants and is a pussy cat. The next is a king of weevil. Weevils are a huge genus of Beetles and many lives on plants quite easliy. Others are a pest particularly for agricultural. They can vary from bright green to black and this one is bright red. It is called Attelabus nitens oak leaf roller. It lives on a oak trees and lays only one egg on a leaf and then rolls it up like a roll of carpet to protect it. The last is also possibly a rare record for the northwest with few records in our area.

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