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This is just a record of some Bury Field Tripsand a few of the finds. In particualr Mere Clough will feature high  as the year progresses to see how this site has fared since the visits of the Victorian Pioneer Botanists 1849 1859.

Damsel Flies Manchester Mosses

By Bury Wildlife, Jun 7 2015 09:58AM

Damsel Flies are the smaller group of this fly groupe Odonata. The Manchester Mosses are a stronghold of this and many common species such as Red, Azure, Common Blue and Blue Tailed Damsel have been seen as we enter summer and these begin to fly. The next was some what of a surprise to me when I came accross a male Banded Demoiselle - Calopteryx splendens on the Mosses. These occcur in Blton and Bury and I have seen them at Elton. In my experience they prefer river valley or canals but in reality it lle favours slow flowing rivers and streams with muddy bottoms.The Mosses have such habitat a plenty with lots of ditches dykes and ponds. Damsel and Dragon fly are typical moss species and more species will be discovered.

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