Bury Wildlife

Burrs Country Park

Burrs Country Park is in the centre of Bury and focussed on the River Irwell. Within sight of the park is a scheduled ancient monument that suggests iron age settlement on the very prominent hill overlooking the river. Historically it was the site of two water driven cotton mills and the associated water management system, much of which still remains with a huge water wheel pit and  weir. More recently the party is host to many outdoor pursuits and modern art including a huge mouse trap.


The wildlife of the park is based on the river and includes Dipper. Goosander, Kingfisher, Greater Spotted Woodpecker Heron and Sparrow Hawk. Other highlights include common frog, plenty of dragon and damsel flies and numerous plants. Footpaths leave the park and carry on up the river to Summerseat. Below is a list of flower sightings.